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2019 Campaign schedule
[ February event ]
Web reservation reward start
 ¥3,000 Cash back campaign
We will send you a discount passport only for Web reservations until February 24th.
[ Events in March ]
Start Instagram follower assignment
Follower member tickets (¥ 3,000 discount ticket) will be sent to those who followed Instagram from March 1st to March 15th
[ April Event ]
Skydiving begin from April 27
At the opening event, we will carry out a "lottery drawing lottery" as a visitor's gift to those who experienced during the Golden Week period from April 27th to May 6th.
[ Events in May ]
Free tour boarding reception

For Yoichi town residents and neighboring residents, we will carry out "Sky Diving Tours meeting." at Yoichi Apple Port end of Sunday in May. Following last year, we are going to do "boarding of aircraft", "social gathering" and so on.
There are restrictions on the number of people. Please note.
[ Events in June ]
Happy family and couple campaign
During June period, we prepare gifts for people who jumped in pairs, such as "men and women" "parents" "brothers" "sisters" We prepare gifts.
[ Events in July ]
Tanabata event
On 7th July ・ Tanabata day, we will offer gifts to all visitors.
[ August Event ]
Summer vacation campaign
From August 1st to August 31st, we will offer gifts to all visitors.
[ September Event ]
[ September Event ]
Friend referrals campaign
From 1st September to 30th September, we will issue "Friend Introduction Benefit Ticket" valid for one year to web reserved guests.
[ Events in October ]
Thank you campaign
From October 1st to October 20th, we will give a T-shirt to those who experienced skydiving.
Inquiries to the Skydiving Hokkaido
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