The 33rd Taste Festival "Yoichi Daisuki Festival" at Apple port Yoichi in 24th Sep.

We announce the applicant eligibility of the lottery of tandem skydiving !!
Each one of men and women will win from among the first 300 people !!
We are waiting for your challenge :-D

The 33rd Taste Festival "Yoichi Daisuki Festival" at Apple port Yoichi in 24th Sep.

Skydive Hokkaido will hold a lottery !
We invite tandem skydiving to be the winner (one each for women and men) !!
We are waiting for entries from everyone :-D

Skydive Hokkaido was published in Hokkaido News Paper on Sep 15th !
Please have a look.
Autumn sky

Many inquiries, thank you !

Autumn sky of Hokkaido is very beautiful !!

Ongoing still sky diving season, we will wait for your reservation !!!

EZweb etc. For everyone using mobile phone address.
E-mails from you and reply mail from here may not arrive either.
Reply of e-mail is always done, but if you wait for a days and there is no reply, sorry to trouble you,
but please contact me by phone.

Weadded button of Instagram!

Campaign「#fancyってなんだ?」is until 10/31.

TheHokkaido directory provides directory information on sites and blogs inHokkaido.

With the support of Yoichi city and Yoichi tourist association, wehave put posters in the stations around Sapporo city.

By JR,it takes an hour 10minutes, and by highway it takes an hour30 minutes from Sapporo station.

Take a movie of TV!

July 29 (Saturday) at AM6:05 onHTB's LOVE HOKKAIDO,Ohno Announcer try sky dive!
Please take a look!

Flyer was completed
We are distributing flyers.
Thank you very much for everyone who is keeping me. Thank you.